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Quality Via Culture & History

From the outset, FUSION is an engineering-first enterprise. Our passion for delivering technology in a way that promotes value, reliability and quality is at the heart of everything we do. Through decades of a policy of continuous improvement, we have refined our savoir-faire, and we continue to learn every day.


Teaching and learning are key values, held closely at FUSION. We collaborate with recognised experts to further our knowledge on relevant subjects and then we apply that knowledge to our projects. Meanwhile, we regularly host CPDs and other educational events at our London HQ to positively impact and give back to the design community around us.

Details, Details, Details

In our market segment, every detail counts and our committed team are obsessed with ensuring that technical excellence and aesthetic perfection coexist in harmony. With over 20 years of experience working on some of the finest properties worldwide, we have an extraordinary depth of experience to draw upon.

Engineering Prowess

Many of our technical team have been with us since the early days and the majority for more than 10 years. A friendly, competitive aura of pride drives our engineering team to systematically deliver to the highest standards.

Back Of House, Front of House

Our proudest achievements are often not seen by our clients, however, their presence fundamentally affects the performance of their systems. Just as a beautiful sports car is crafted by individuals passionate about their objectives, the technical elements of our systems are lovingly nurtured with no cost spared in the pursuit of a flawless finish.

Software As It Should Be

Any technical installation is only as capable as the software that manages it. FUSION, via our software platform Hx, has one of the most revered programming teams in the industry to ensure that our systems place dependable, comfortable and efficient control in the hands of their operators. Our infrastructure is based on a common architecture, enabling us to deliver even the largest systems efficiently and without the lengthy snagging periods that typically plague our industry.

Here For You When You Need Us Most

Available, dependable, professional. This is the simple, yet effective, concept for our support team. We proactively plan and engineer our systems to offer class-leading reliability, but when we are needed we will be there. Whether it be day, night, weekday or weekend, our attentive and highly trained operatives are on hand to efficiently work through any problems our clients may experience.

Our Experts

David Judson

David joined FUSION in 2005 and was one of our first in-house engineers. In the early years, he oversaw the development and structuring of the engineering department, including the on-site engineering team, the in-house rack-build department, and the creation of our training infrastructure. Now with some 19 years of experience, his primary role encompasses the delivery of our largest and most prestigious projects, where he is entrusted to take a completed design through to completion and delivery on-site whilst managing a team of installation and commissioning engineers.

William Philips

William has over 25 years of working with audio-video and integrated systems, having started operating professionally at the age of just 16. He went on to achieve a degree in Sound Design, before working in live events, programming lighting and sound. He later moved into commercial AV, where he learnt integration systems programming. He has been with FUSION since 2015 where he has become a Certified Crestron Master Programmer and latterly has taken on the management of our Programming and IT Deployment team.

Anthony Batchelor

Bringing more than 16 years’ experience as a Crestron specialist in Corporate, Residential, and Marine control systems, Anthony has a passion for creating software solutions that enhance the connected lifestyle on a truly global scale. With a natural eye for detail, Anthony is considered to be an industry leader in the field of user experience design, continuing to innovate and improve software technologies, bringing together all elements of the modern integrated experience. Anthony’s qualifications include a Crestron Diamond level certification as a Master Programmer, making him one of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry.