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FUSION’s Creative Technology team approaches its projects in search of a perfect harmony between architecture, functionality, art and, most importantly, the human occupants. Our lighting designs deeply consider how spaces will be used, their natural light sources, and how we can support circadian rhythms to create healthy, instinctively comfortable, and ultimately human-centric environments. We combine this with a passion for intricate architectural detailing and the accenting of beautiful artworks, whether from our own Digital gallery or elsewhere, to create our signature in-house look.

Virtual Daylight

As a layer in our lighting designs, we often introduce virtual daylight into spaces where natural light is restricted. Virtual daylight can have a transformative effect on vitality and turn darkened, compromised rooms into enjoyable spaces to live and thrive within. As an early adopter and pioneer in this field, we have one of the most complete demonstration facilities in this game-changing technology at our London HQ in Notting Hill.


Indirect Lighting

We use indirect light to support daylight during the day and create warm, comfortable accents in the evening. Our creative team work closely with the wider team on each project to perfectly integrate lighting profiles within the architecture of a space to complement the overall design scheme.


Task Lighting

Often overlooked, we consider task lighting to be one of the most critical layers of light in any room. Long after a project is complete our clients and their teams will be using rooms for the intended purposes, and hence it is critical that the lighting facilitates optimal performance of those tasks. Utilising digital software we model surfaces and objects to be able to accurately provide just the right light in each location.


Artwork Lighting

A surprisingly complex subject, the successful illumination of an artwork piece can dramatically increase its presence within a room and the enjoyment to be gained from viewing it. As gallerists and artwork fanatics ourselves, we consider every detail of both light and shadow which will impact the appreciation of each piece.


Accent Lighting

We see time and again in lighting design that the smallest details can have the most dramatic of outcomes. When implemented correctly, accent lighting brings drama and emotion into a space, playing an essential role in any well-considered lighting design for soft evening scenes.


Joinery Lighting

Often home to cherished possessions, or vital for fundamental tasks, joinery is ever-present in our work. Over the years we have devised a myriad of ways to illuminate the beautiful furniture that graces the projects we collaborate on, whilst always being diligent to ensure that we respect any tasks being performed and the natural biological rhythm of the people using the space.


Landscape & Façade Lighting

We have lit landscapes and façades the world over and it is a responsibility we take extremely seriously. Outdoor areas require particular consideration for comfort, security and adaptability for different scenarios, all of which must be considered from the outset to achieve the perfect result.


Digital Gallery

In May 2023, after a sustained period of delivering cutting-edge digital artworks to our projects worldwide, we took the step of opening The Disruptive Gallery. Based below our existing London HQ in Notting Hill, The Disruptive Gallery is a concept space featuring a permanent, yet evolving, display of fine digital artworks and lighting installations. In addition to its use as a show space, we use our gallery as a collaboration atelier to work on bespoke projects and as a facility available to up-and-coming artists looking for somewhere to hone their skills. For more information on our gallery please visit


Our Experts

Kyle Holloway

As the Creative Lead in our design team, Kyle brings over 7 years’ experience in the UHNW industry. His work has seen him deliver projects alongside distinguished designers and architects on large-scale residential and commercial projects worldwide. Leading design on some of FUSION’s most coveted projects, Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge in lighting design and AV technologies, but perhaps more importantly, expertise in how to integrate these elements into beautifully designed interiors. Through close collaboration with project teams, Kyle is closely involved from design conception to final delivery.

Piers Collinson

Piers is the founding director of FUSION and The Disruptive Gallery. For 23 years Piers has worked on projects across the world for discerning families and world-class corporations. Passionate about the creative activities at FUSION, Piers remains heavily involved in the delivery of our most significant projects and in collaborating with the board of directors to plan FUSION’s strategic market position and growth. Piers is fluent in French and English.

Aretha Campbell

Aretha is a curator, and art advisor working with private, corporate, and commercial clients with over 20 years’ experience in the international contemporary artworld. With an extensive network spanning museums, galleries, art foundations and private collectors she specialises in sourcing unique works from emerging and established artists. Past clients have included Soho House, Home House, Firmdale Hotel Group, Topham Guerin, Hiscox and Deutche Bank.